Hi, my name is Chelsea and I left the UK in 2012 for a 9 month trip around the world.4 years and counting later, I still haven’t made my way back there just yet. I’m currently living and working at the bottom of the world in New Zealand and exploring this beautiful, crazy country at every given opportunity.I set off  on my “4 country trip” in August 2012, thinking that I would be returning within the year, a little more tanned and ready to apply for postgraduate courses. Fast forward 4 years and things haven’t gone quite as planned – but for the better!


Slow Travel

Since since leaving the UK, I have visited 10 countries and made a life for myself in New Zealand full of outdoors pursuits (my favourite kind!). By taking things slowly, I have been able to truly embrace New Zealand culture and see a lot of all that this amazing country has to offer. There’s always more though and I’m constantly planning my next weekend away!



I currently live in the most Southerly Capital  City in the world. It also happens to be the windiest city in the world with an annual average of around 16knots/hour. On this blog you will find endless references to wonderful, bizarre Wellington life. From blue sky brunches to bicycles, walks to windmills and seals to stingrays, every Wellington adventure can be found on the blog!



Life lived outdoors

At every given opportunity, I like to spend time in the outdoors. Through living in New Zealand, this is mostly possible whenever I’m free. I love walking, cycling, climbing, swimming, surfing, kayaking… the list goes on. Part of the reason I’m so bad at actually telling these stories on the blog is because I hate being cooped up inside! I’m always looking for the next adventure and packing my hiking boots and cameras.


Feeling the distance

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. I do get very homesick and miss my family and friends back in the UK something terrible. With constant contact, an occasional meetup (hello, Hawaii!) and Percy Pig packages, I manage to overcome the homesickness and live the fullest life that I can live in New Zealand – one full of travel, good food, amazing coffee and great friends.

How to contact me

For travel-related queries (you never know, I might be able to be of assistance!), or just for a chat, drop me an email at venturingonblog@gmail.com. I love mail!
Alternatively, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thanks for coming on the adventure!