Hey guys,

Thanks for stopping by… it’s been quite a while since I have written any kind of blog post –  way over a year, in fact. This website has been sitting here as a decrepit, unloved corner of the internet.

A few years ago, I regularly posted updates on at least a monthly basis about what I’d been up to, the places I’d been and the people I was spending my time with. I loved blogging and even was featured on, New Zealand’s biggest news website (you can read that here). I liked that at the click of a mouse, I could be reliving valuable time with my family, weekend trips to mountains, beaches and rivers with friends and even the ridiculous situations I’ve got myself into whilst traveling (near-gangrene in Cambodia…).

I didn’t realise how important my online diary was to me – screw that not many other people read it, I read it and it was an important record of my life, to me at least. Somehow in 2016 I let my hosting subscription slide, stopped writing things down and ended up losing my entire site – posts, photos, formatting, everything. Once I realised that years worth of online diary entries were unretrievable, I was devestated and never quite found the heart to get back into it again. Until now, that is.

Thanks to a few people asking after my blog (shoutout to Andy, Hazel and Necia), I’ve decided to give it another go. I’ve been told about a wonderful thing called the ‘Wayback Machine’ (thanks Michael!), a web archive that takes snapshots of websites at a certain point in time. It’s not perfect, but I’ll be able to copy and paste my old blog posts back into this site, add the photos and do some work on the formatting and menus etc. It’ll be a good project to get the archives back up but it does mean that blog posts will be all skewiff in order as I’m going to concentrate on current posting too.

So yeah, that’s all for now – I look forward to posting some new and old content going forward!




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